Sheria mtaani is a youth lead organization that is aimed at promoting legal education among the youth. This is achieved by organizing free legal clinics for the youths.

The organisation is also aimed at organising crime deterring activities.

We are also aimed at ensuring that every person gets justice, for instance we ensure that people who cannot access justice have access to the same

Our Objectives:

  1. To ensure that there justice is served to all parties in the courts notwithstanding the financial muscles of the parties.
  2. To improve the legal awareness among the youths through legal clinics and aids.
  3. To give free legal representation to the less fortunate individuals who cannot afford the price of justice.
  4. Give legal aids to the inmates and remandees by helping them to launch their appeals and execute their cases.
  5. To help underprivileged women who have reported their cases to the children’s department.
  6. To help in counselling of women and children who have gone through abuse which may be either physical or psychological.
  7. To help in deterring crimes by working hand in hand with police through counselling of the criminals.
  8. To prevent gender violence and child abuse.
  9. To ensure that elected leaders perform their duties and roles as per the constitution.
  10. To increase collaboration plans with other organizations, bodies or individuals whether national or international but having advocacy strategies for the similar cause as laid herein.
  11. To commence serious plea bargain initiatives in Kenya
  12. To have and cause the organization be registered in accordance with the laws and regulations governing Community based Organization.

Our Mission:

To organize and run community legal awareness programmes across the country, with a focus on training communities and engaging other stakeholders to enhance legal education and access to legal information for citizens, especially the youth, women and the most vulnerable.

The organization is aimed at providing free legal representation in courts and tribunals for poor individuals through advocates of the high court, organizing legal clinics for offering free legal consultancy to the local community; and championing the introduction of plea bargain system in the Kenyan court system.